Mixed Martial Arts in 10 Steps: A Technical Introduction

Yet the overhand stays more particular of MMA. It’s the punch that previous UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell made his trademark, using it to knock senseless Alistair Overeem and Randy Couture. Previous Pride heavyweight champ Fedor Emelianenko threw it to unconsciousness-inducing perfection, placing Andrei Arlovski as well as Brett Rogers to oversleep convincing fashion.

No punch is extra characteristic of MMA than the overhand. While symbolic of the undoubtedly cruder nature of MMA striking, it prevails in the sport completely factors: It’s a tough punch that suits the smaller gloves as well as broader tactical context.

Mixed Martial Arts gloves are smaller, which makes it more hard for a default high guard– tight elbow joints, hands covering the sides of the face– to block it. The Mixed Martial Arts overhand was, for a lengthy time, the target of derision from boxing purists. It stands in stark comparison to the boxing follower’s love of a tidy cross or a puncturing jab.

The overhand stays more characteristic of Mixed Martial Arts.

3. Round Kick

The round kick is native to practically every art that consists of kicking, with some variants. In Mixed Martial Arts, most competitors learn how to toss it in a fashion that is derived from muay thai, and also therefore it should be landed with the lower part of the shin.

The motion is simple: Step or pivot on the lead foot to make sure that it’s transformed vertical to the target, thrust the hip to ensure that it leads the kicking leg, and also turn the hip over to get maximum force into the strike. A critical onlooker could include a scrunching of the stomach muscles as well as a slicing movement with the practical the kicking side, yet these movements aren’t strictly required.

It’s a powerful strike that’s evocative getting struck with a baseball bat. The round kick could be thrown to all 3 levels– low, center and high. The low kick is the most convenient to land, as it’s tossed from the biggest distance and also has a considerable margin for mistake.

No one throws better low kicks in Mixed Martial Arts than UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Not only is he incredibly fast, yet he sets them up beautifully with strikes. His timing is extraordinary, and also he positions his shots in specifically the ideal spot as his opponent transforms his leg. UFC light-weight champ Rafael dos Anjos, an additional skilled twist, destroyed Nate Diaz’s lead leg with duplicated shots.

Previous champ Anthony Pettis is a master of the body kick. He blew up Donald Cerrone’s liver with an attractive left kick and made use of a series of them to soften Benson Henderson’s body in their 2nd conference before the armbar finish.

When a kick lands cleanly to the head in Mixed Martial Arts, it’s normally as a result of a clever setup or gross carelessness. Pettis blinked his hands prior to landing one on Joe Lauzon’s dome. Dillashaw utilized the danger of his straight left to set up this head kick on Renan Barao.